The John East Project

Highly respected Jazz band The John East Project approached me seeking artwork for their latest album release. On hearing the album and discussing some ideas with the band’s leader John East, we felt a visual retro nod towards the days of Blue Note recordings would be fitting.

Print production extended from CD to vinyl gatefold.

Skills: Print design

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

This was our second album and I always felt that the artwork on the first was a little uninspiring.  So, having been introduced to Guy, I asked him to listen to the album and suggest a “look”.  He immediately  thought of the vintage Blue Note feel and found a perfect font and design to match.  He then took the theme through the six panel CD and the lovely double gatefold vinyl album.  I just love it.  Everything feels right and from the feedback I get, I’m not the only one.   We spent a lot of time getting the music right; Guy made the CD and album look right.
John East