By brief way of introduction, I’m a graphic & web designer with nearly twenty years of experience in all things web and print, from ecommerce, banners, games in particular, to standard websites and brochure design, album artwork and illustration. Over the years this has included agency work for the NHS, Lloyds TSB, HSBC, The National Lottery (instant win games), Blah.com and Warner Brothers amongst others.

Having dithered over whether to study English or Architecture at University, I rather hastily plumped for the latter, which inadvertently led me to the field of graphic design some years later. It didn’t take me long to realise that my interests in design lay in that of the smaller scale..unlike buildings.

I worked in a predominantly digital design agency for about six years, before deciding to work for myself, mostly in London and the UK, but also including France, Switzerland and my birth place, Jersey. Regardless of location, I’ve enjoyed maintaining long working relationships with agencies and individuals in both print and online mediums.

I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to work at what I love, and I hope this is reflected in my work.


Just a few past and current clients